First before I tell you of my dreams, I have some good news. Mmm, sausages and toms for my second breakfast. Ooops, getting distracted, although that was very good news. Not enough mind, they ate far more than I got.

So the real good news is – my friend Harry has just started his own blog. But some of you already know – that clever Freda Shepherd has already mentioned it on her blog. I knew she was one fast Delta Bunny.

And some of you have been to visit Harry and barked Hi, but if you haven’t you can find him here. I am sure he will be very pleased.

Anyway back to dreaming about my girlfriends. Wally said I could put Sissy Ethel in my time capsule but I am not sure that is a good idea. After all we would need to take so much food for 25 years and she would need lots of space to chase tennis balls.

Now I think that minx Sophie Brador is just toying with my affections. She told me Wally was “just a mentor”. I ask you – and she has a pic of him next to her bed. Still, if you do swim to Spain Sophie, I will be pleased to see you and we can lie on one of my sofas together.

The impressively regal Megan, however, has invited me to get my furry body over there. How cool is that? A dog that comes from a breed used to mixing in noble and royal circles happy to have a furry encounter with a cross-bred Spanish street dog. Apart from anything else, the UK is nearer than those places across the Atlantic. So Megan is well up there in my dreams.

The beautiful Tasha and Eva have said they share everything so they are happy to share me. Wow. I think that has to be every sheepdog’s fantasy. (I wonder if I will get some funny Google searches now – or not maintain my G rating for general audiences?? I think it will stay the same – after all – I get a G rating even though I’ve got screwing on my blog somewhere apparently…..)

Freda is obviously too clever for me – and loyal to some boyfriend she mentioned a while back. But if ya want a change Freda – you know where Spain is, or at least your secretary does.

I’ve not heard from that other lovely shepherd cross – Flossy – but she’s not been blogging much so I will hang on in there.

And I think I may have offended my smaller dog friends – Bella, Lorenza, and Roxie. I thought they already had lots of boyfriends and would prefer a smaller dog (although I am very gentle), so I offered to be very good friends. But if you all want to be my girlfriends too, that is fine.

I want to add three more guapissima perras to my list. The feisty Penny over at Jackman Ave (you all know who Penny is), and who can probably give Ethel a run for her money. She was looking for a BFF but Penny, I will be whatever sort of friend you want.

MayaMarie, the spoiled husky in the window, looks a very beautiful female with a nice character too. I hope she would like to be my girlfriend (edited because mistress had written girlfiend – sorry MayaMarie) or at least a good friend.

And over at The Stoutino Inn & Foster Kennel, Guinness & Shiloh’s family, there is a beautiful dog called Misty, who looks a bit like me. Perhaps we could have little Mistypipps – only in my dreams mind. Too much work otherwise.

I’m off to go and dream now. Too warm to do anything else.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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