Update….noticias….five things

Hello everydog.

First, sorry we haven’t ruff ruffed on your blogs recently. Master has been obsessed with his axles – and made mistress post lots of things about it on her blog. If any of your humans (especially 4×4 owners) know anything about these axle thingies please have a look at her itchyfeetatforty blog.

Now, I would like to thank everydog who has passed by the story of my friend Harry – and the warning to leave sweetcorn cobs alone. His mum Vicky is so keen to spare anyone the same anguish that she and Harry went through. If you haven’t read it, please have a look.

And I also want to thank everyone who has commented on my possible breed. You have made some nice and thoughtful comments.

Now I have two things to write about but Misery Mistress will only let me write one. So as I was tagged by Oscar to list five things to put in a time capsule, I will post that ‘cos I don’t want to offend Oscar, he is one cool dog.

First naturally. I would put in my ball. I thought about my ring, or my chew, but I decided on my ball because it rolls away from me. Then I can chase it, especially down the steps, although not for long because I get bored, or tired, or both.

Then I would put in my hairnet, I mean my comfort netting. Master calls it my hairnet because I hide in it and look like Ena Sharples (who?). I think it is for protecting the vegetables, but now it is mine. (I had a better pic but Misery trashed it – although I did look pretty stupid – so I am not lying with it right over my head again,)

I have to put my shiny new toaster in. What dog would not be pleased to find that? And they could have yummy toasties all the time.

I wanted to put in some strawberries or tomatoes from my garden but Misery said they wouldn’t keep in a capsule.

So she said I could put in a tin of toms instead. These are very nice – on toast natch.

I hope it is a big time capsule. I think every dog should have a Landy.

And a sofa. Who cares which one. Any sofa will do.

Oh and I like those potato chip things from the petrol station when we go picnicking.

I think I have put too many things in though. And I can normally count to five quite nicely.

Because Misery has been so slow off the mark getting round you all, we don’t know who is tagged for this game. So we will try and find some dogs who haven’t been asked to play yet and tag you tomorrow.

It’s bedtime here in Spain for us early risers. Night night and sleep well – or have a good day depending on where you are.

Ruffs Pippa

PS Edited to add – forgot to say hopefully the Land Rover and the Dualit will still be going in 25 years time – even if the rest of us are a bit creaky….hehehe


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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