Who am I….?

I ask this because there are lots of informed dogpals out there that may have a view.

After I had adopted master and mistress, the locals in our village said I was a Spanish sheepdog – un perro pastor – from the mountains.

That’s a reasonable deduction, because I am nice to all livestock, and I am very furry, which would keep me warm in the mountains.

But the other day when we were in Gib, people kept calling me a white Alsatian.

Now, it has to be said that when I found master and mistress they thought I could be a cross between a husky and a GSD.

Although I have a white face and big amber eyes, the markings on my saddle do look like a GSD. But my friend Prince was not like me. Although he was a shepherd dog he barked at everything. I don’t think he would have made a good pastor.

Now I don’t bark at much at all. And even in the morning, when I am telling master to do breakfast, half the time it is more of a roooooo than a bark.

So what do you think pals? Husky/GSD cross? Oh, and we have looked at Poseidon’s blog, (see Bone Zone – photo of the month) and I think we look similar in some of the photos.

I almost forgot. People keep saying I look old. Me, OLD! I am sure I was a (large) puppy when I found master and mistress. I might have looked a bit hot recently, and I had the poorly tummy, but I AM NOT OLD. I don’t think.

Pippa. A bit confused.


One comment on “Who am I….?

  1. pix & kardz says:

    Pippa, you are not old – even after these few years of writing. But certainly back then you were not old either. Old is a state of mind that has nothing to do with age anyhow. So there it is. MHO. 😀

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