Of my girlfriends. I wish.

I’ve not stolen any of their photos, but mistress has done clicky linkies if you haven’t seen these beautiful females.

In no particular order……

Well except I have to put Ethel first. So sassy. Shiny black coat, sharp pointy teeth, agile, graceful, beautiful, mmmmm. And Wally has said even tho’ she has one boyfriend, she can have one in every port. So I’m hanging on in there.

Then I met Sophie Brador, a sophisticated cosmopolitan dog from – where else but Canada. I thought she quite liked me, but I can see Wally Brador has stolen her heart. But if you want a change Sophs, you know where I am.

But I quite like the clever older females. Freda (Delta Bunny) is 1,2 1,2 one very cute dog and she is beautiful too. She writes such smart things on her blog. Although she is another one with a steady boyfriend.

And as I have a thing about German Shepherds/crosses – perhaps they remind me of my pal Prince – I love Flossy too. I think she is another gorgeous rescued doggy. I don’t think Flossy has a boyfriend.

Tasha and Eva are newish friends – and as there are two of them, I think it would be too difficult to choose. So I dream about them both. Two adorable Belgian Shepherds.

I would like to aspire to Megan and Cleo too, but I think they are a notch above me. They move in such regal circles.

And I have three other special small dog friends. I think they already have millions of boyfriends, so I guess they will have to remain just as special friends. In strictly alphabetical order:

Beautiful Bella in Aus, and her great pack. They have always been so friendly since we joined DWB, and even tho’ their pack has been going thru’ some ups and downs, she always has a smile.

La guapa Lorenza en Mejico, who talks to me in Spanish, so I don’t forget my native language because I am living with two English people. Besitos Lorenza.

And finally Roxie, my very good friend and just as lovely as any dog could be. A small dog with a very large heart, along with her bros, Andy and Sammy.

However – if there are any other potential virtual girlfriends out there – let me know.

I have plenty of time just to dream about you all.

Just to recap. I know I am called Pippa – but I am a boy. Mistress named me after a little white polar bear in London Zoo. The name meant little one in Eskimo language. Of course polar bears grow up to be big, not little, just like me. I might have been small once, altho’ I don’t remember, but now I am big. And although I am not white like a polar bear, I am more white than any other dog that has rescued them. I think mistress has a strange sense of humour.

And now an apology. Mistress has been using two browsers and stuffed up her settings, so all your comments went for modification. But she didn’t realise and we thought no-one had sniffed past. And that you were all watching Wimbledon or something (whatever you non-Brits do at Wimbledon time). She has a red face and sore knuckles.

Cross Pippa.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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