My friend Marmalade

Master and I do the same thing whether we are in Gib or in Spain.

In the morning we have quality time together. Just us boys. Without idle mistress. We have our early walk because we both like to get up early. Then we have our coffee.

And then mistress makes her appearance and we don’t get any more macho-bonding time. We can’t even sneak off to the pub in Gib without her coming to find us. So we have given up on that one and let her tag along with us.

We usually go the same way for our ordinary walk (rather than the super-long ones that seem to involve circumnavigating Gib). Here are the gates just down the street.

Here are master and I waiting for Slowcoach Mistress, raising a paw to her. We are standing next to Nelson, opposite the Trafalgar Cemetery.

Here are the next set of gates to go down towards the sea where the silly houses are almost built on water.

And here is the best bit of all. My friend Marmalade with the green collar.

He is hiding at the bottom of the street opposite ours just as we were coming home.

Our friend across the street was telling us about him. Marmalade lives just down Main Street.

He comes up to our street because our friend across the street puts out cat food for all the local cats. She has her own cat too.

Master and mistress groaned. I don’t know why. I think it is an excellent idea. You can see why there are always lots of cats in my street can’t you?

Here I am, worn out after another hard day. Planning tomorrow’s strategy.



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