Pippa’s new toaster

Here I am waiting patiently for my toastie.

As we all know I like toasties.

Master likes toast too. Mistress doesn’t care.

Anyway, we have finally worked out that the cooker including grill thingy toaster whatsit doesn’t work.

So how is Pippa going to get his buttered toast in GibFlat?

The truth is that mistress’s mummy had a toaster at her house and it was – meant to be – packed up with all the stuff.

But then we couldn’t find it. Why not? Because mistress had only said to the nice removal company men from Move-It that she didn’t like toasters, or toast, or if she wanted it there was always a grill.

Great one mistress. There is no grill in GibFlat and master and I like toast.

So she was sent out muy pronto to buy my new toaster.

Here I am guarding the door. She does not get back in without my toaster.

Here it is. It is nice isn’t it?

I want the sandwich holder accessory too.

So get that sorted mistress. I need my cheese and tomato toasties. And buttered toast. All toasts. Any toasts.

Edited to add: Mistress hates spending money. So when she does part with it, she likes to think she has bought something decent. Hence the Dualit toaster. Apart from the fact that it looks nice, the nice man in the shop said it is less likely to break down. It has no thermostat (apparently these can be a problem). It is hand made in England, from cast metal and polished steel. Her arm nearly dropped off carrying it up the street. I will report back.


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