Tag games – and zzzz


This is mistress’s birthday and she thought she had finished writing today.

But we have been tagged for seven random cosas. (things)

1 Master and mistress met in Sydney and got married there after a few weeks.

2 They have their birthdays on consecutive days (today and yesterday as it happens – 24th and 25th June).

3 I have no idea when my birthday is but I found M&M in Jan 2004. We all think I was under a year old – but nodog knows. Maybe I was older.

4 I love my Landy, my sofas, my fresas (strawberries), curry, cheese toasties (you all know this by now) and tasty peas.

5 We all get up early. Well I do, so therefore we all do. 🙂

6 I am friendly with livestock, and try to do rubbynoses.

7 I quite like master and mistress because they always say I am not to blame. There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners.

So we tag

KuBrin, Cleo, Tealeaf, Megan and Boots
Tasha and Eva
Flossy and Jez

The Rules:
• Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.

• People who are tagged need to write their own blog post with their 7 things as well as these rules.

• You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.

• Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

OK – we have stuffed up because we aren’t doing the comment thingy tonight. But it is her birthday. And we are all sleepy now. zzzz


4 comments on “Tag games – and zzzz

  1. pix & kardz says:

    thanks for playing. that was most informative. i never knew the birthdays of the dog or cats who decided to adopt our place for their home. that way any day could be your birthday – making every day a reason to celebrate. how cool is that!
    so, just because – happy birthday Pippa!

    • pippadogblog says:

      I missed some of your back comments, for which I am very sorry, and as The History Tourist commented below, I suddenly found this and thought I would reply. Better late than never adn all that. That is a nice way to think of my birthday. Of course we know little Snowy’s is in late July so he doesn’t get 365/6 birthdays haha!

  2. You eat strawberrys, curry and peas? Wow — Ralph wouldn’t go anywhere near a veg or fruit. He would have gobbled that cheese toast, though (after discarding the tomato). I did have a hound mix who ate absolutely anything except jalapenos. I dropped one once while cooking and he scooped it up before I could shout, “STOP!” He regretted that.

    • pippadogblog says:

      I don’t like lettuce or green things like that. But I am Spanish and we have a sweet tooth so I like fruit. So does LIttle Rat incidentally. Curry is nice but I prefer it with chips rather than rice. And peas are just yum, raw or cooked. I can only eat broad beans raw though, cooked they make me vomit. Odd huh? I don’t eat jalapenos. If she drops any on the floor, I leave it alone.

      Master as a funny story about chillies. He was wandering around a shop in Australia, and decided to try a cherry. haha because it wasn’t a cherry at all. Misery laughed herself silly, as he’d wolfed the whole very hot chilly all at once.

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