Happy birthday

Well everydog. As we all know, our dogblogs are very important. Particularly when mistress is fiddling with a boring Landy pic and then trashes all the photos instead of just one.

And then because she noticed the trash bin was a bit full – 8,000 or so items – she thought she would clear that too. It would be full, wouldn’t it, with all my photos in. Well done mistress.

It’s not very often you are tidy and when you are you trash all our photos.

And now she can’t upload anything.

So it’s just as well there are pix of me on my blog or we wouldn’t have anything from the last ten months. And until she works out how to upload there will be no PippaPix.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy barkday, I mean birthday, to Mistress for today, and to Master for yesterday.

Pippa, still annoyed with Mistress for being stupid.


One comment on “Happy birthday

  1. pix & kardz says:

    bummer about the photos – but at least so many nice ones of you are intact on your beautiful blog.
    i guess it is much too late for birthday greets from last year, and far too too early to pass them on for this year. will try to remember for when June rolls around once again, so thank you for the heads-up, Pippa!

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