Back again

Look, here I am, back again.

But why has mistress included her silly expensive fizzy water in the photo?

This is not an advert for Vichy Catalan, y aquí, en español tambien.

It is a photo of Pippadog on his blog.

Perhaps I should advertise my services though to the company.

After all I have been known to drink it, and I am Spanish. I don’t know if my heritage goes back to Catalunya though.

Anyway mistress says it is very good, nicely chilled, and it is slightly sulphurous. We recommend it.

Hey, this is my blog. Why are we barking about fizzy water? Oh, I remember. Mistress’s birthday and I have to indulge her.

And thanks to Oscar for wishing them happy birthdays.

Ruff ruff. Happy Pippa again.


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