On the mend

I am feeling a bit better thanks to all your great doggy and person vibes that have found their way over here to Spain.

In fact this morning I noticed one of the horrid marmalade cats that goes in my corral so I thought about having a go for it but Misery Master wasn’t having a bar of it.

And I was more interested in sniffing stuff too. But I don’t think I will pick any old thing up again.

Mistress fed me my biscuits by hand again. She asked me if I wanted to eat them out of my tin, so I had a sniff but settled back to eating them from her. A dog can’t be too cautious when he’s been feeling off-colour can he?

Then master had a cheese and tomato toastie so I thought some of that would be nice too.

Master was pleased that I was interested in his toastie so he gave me lots of it.

Chomp, chomp.

Oh and my nose is nice and damp again too.

Mistress wanted me to write about mosquitoes because there was a ginormous one in the bedroom last night and master couldn’t catch it, so in the end he got up at 5am.

But I don’t think mozzies are as interesting as me so I’m not writing about them. So there mistress.


One comment on “On the mend

  1. pix & kardz says:

    sorry to hear you were doing so poorly, Pippa. but that is all water under the bridge now and it is good to know you are much better by now.

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