Feng shui – bad vibes….?

Remember our pals who came to see us a month ago?

And I ended up feeling yucky?

We wondered if they had brought some sadnesses with them that they didn’t tell us about, and some of it got dropped off here.

The other day they rang to say they had come to our house and left some birthday presents over the gate. (No, not mine, I don’t know when mine is.) They had missed us because we had been down to GibFlat.

Well, the present bag wasn’t there. Why not? Because master had seen it early one morning and thought it was a rubbish bag he must have put out the night before. So he threw it in the bin.

But when they rang he went to rescue it. They were nice presents too.

And then I got sick again. Master and mistress had a few little disappointments. Mistress is sick too now. Neither of us want our breakfast, and we are so tired.

So since they came, I was sick on the sofa – twice. I pulled mistress over, she hurt her hand. Then we didn’t see them and nothing more happened. But then the presents came and we got more griefs. Not mega. Co-incidence probably.

We hope they had a nice hol. And if they had any little sadnesses that they got rid of them. But not at our house.

Here I am under my table hiding from the world and bad vibes.


Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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