Poorly Pippa

I have been a naughty Pippadoggy again.

An’ – I am feeling so sorry for myself.

Master and I went for a fine walk and I picked up a tasty scranny.

And I wouldn’t let it go when master told me to leave.

But now I am not feeling too good.

So I am not up to posting much. Sorry pals.


One comment on “Poorly Pippa

  1. pix & kardz says:

    pardon my Canadian English, Pippa. sorry to hear you were doing poorly, but i am sure that things are looking much better by now, all these years later.
    but scranny? i think that must be some kind of a snack or tasty morsel – which may have been good to eat but not good for you 😦
    did i get that right? anyhow, trust you are having a good day today. i am saying good night from here!

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