Pippa goes carbooting

Well everydog, Pippa is now an official marketdogtrader.

When master and mistress had unpacked all their goodies in GibFlat, they packed up the stuff left behind by the funny woman who lived there before.

And there were a few things that came from mistress’s mummy’s house that they didn’t want.

So they decided we would all go off to the car boot sale with all the unwanted junk.

Mistress comes from a family of market traders (food and sweeties), so she felt like she was disappearing into her past. Master and his bro did it too for a while. Mistress was surprised that master was quite good at it.

Anyway, master packed the Landy and off we went.

When we got there, I lay outside with my water dish, supervising, natch.

When I figured they had the hang of it, and it got warm, I went under the Landy for a few snoozes.

They were too busy selling stuff for 50 cents an item – so no pix. But we made enough for five sacks of PippaDogBix.

It wasn’t a fortune, but we spent the morning outside in the sun, met some nice people, and earned a few dogbix, so a good result.

Pippa the MarketDogTrader

PS Mistress wants to add another Gibpic. Here are some expensive new houses on a marina. Not just reclaimed land, but stuck in the middle of the sea.

Now mistress likes water, and she swims like a fish. But she would not live there. Oh, no.


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