I thought I would give you a quick update of my Gib adventures before I tell you of my latest new escapade.

We had a fine drive down to Gib. We stopped for a picnic at a petrol station. Mistress went inside and bought a bocadillo de tortilla for her, one for master, a beer for her, a coke for driving master, and a bag of patatas fritas. She never buys crisps so this is a driving treat. Very nice they were too, junk-free – just potatoes and olive oil.

But wait. There is something wrong with that list isn’t there? Where was Pippa’s bocadillo? No, there wasn’t one for me. Poooh. So, when master was watching someone inflating their tyres and not watching his sandwich I thought best to help myself. Nearer and nearer towards my mouth it came. I was poised to take it carefully and gently out of his hand without dropping any. Mistress wasn’t going to snitch as she was sitting watching with a sneaky smile on her face.

I opened my mouth wider, leaned towards this scrummy sandwich – and then he sprung me! What a pain. Mistress gave me a few crumbs as a consolation prize, but it wasn’t my lucky picnic.

When we got to Gib I jumped up to say hello to all my nice friends at the frontier who always want to look at me and my passport. Master and mistress could be a pair of international crims on the run (they aren’t by the way) for all the attention anyone pays to them. But no-one seemed hugely interested in me either, perhaps they are getting used to me.

I sniffed the Gib air and wondered if my cat friends knew I was coming back. Cities smell so different to the countryside, don’t you think? I like Gib smells.
Then we parked up, straight into a spot, and it was off out for a fine walk up to GibFlat, pulling master all over the place.

GibFlat was pretty empty so I flopped on the floor under my table.
But as you all know, the next day my furniture arrived.

And master and mistress put a cover on one of the chairs and told me to jump on my new chair. So I jumped on the other chair. Hehe. They told me to get off that chair so they could put the cover on it for me if I preferred the other chair. Chairs? Chairs? Since when does Pippadog lie on chairs?
So then I bounded very assertively onto my fine new sofa. And that was the end of that.

Here is where I sleep.

Here is where they sleep.

Just so long as we are all clear. Sofas are for dogs. Floors are for people.

Fine walks
The next day, when we were all sorted, master and I went for a nice walk in the arvo.

Mistress wanted to come too, but he told her that she distracted me. Now, I am not one for getting involved in their bickering, but normally I don’t pay much attention to the one who is not on the other end of my lead. So I thought he was being a bit unfair.

Anyway we had a nice walk and then we sat outside The Angry Friar in Main Street where master and I could watch the world go by. Of course I was on best behaviour and looking cute so lots of people came to say hello to me. We met many nice people who were cruising on the QE2. It had docked in Gib for the day so they were wandering round and shopping. Mistress looked up the price of a cruise – starting price £999 up to more than £16,000 for a stateroom. She thought this was a lot of money to spend – but her idea of a holiday involves a rucksack and a tent.

Then mistress came to find us, so we went back home. I don’t think she was pleased with master. She refused to come out with us in the evening but when we got back she had disappeared. I think I would rather have gone with her – it looks like she found a fine walk – and just look at those cats. I think she only took those pix to tantalise me. No more space for my other escapade – that will have to wait now.

Yummy cats.

Here are the pretty streets.

And here is the QE2 from towards the top of the rock where mistress climbed up in a huff. (She has stiff legs now.)


One comment on “Adventuring

  1. pix & kardz says:

    you have some great looking stairways and streets in your corner of the world, Pippa.
    and smart Pippa to figure it out about the sofa!

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