Early morning chit-chat

I soooo love to be perky in the morning.

Especially nice and early.

Today was good. Mistress finished her expensive bottle of fizzy water and put it in the rubbish bin at 5.45.

So I ran in to see master and told him to get up.

I normally lie down patiently by the side of the bed just to make sure he is actually getting up.

And have a few licks. Check everything out.

Then I run in and out again. (Too fast for mistress to take a piccy).

Then we all yawn together.

Master goes aaaahhhhhh. And I go hoowwuuuarrrugh. Much better don’t you think?

Then I go check him out in the bathroom.

And then I round him up. With a fine twirl of the tail.

With a few more hoowwuuuarrrughs.

By the time he is finally dressed, I am running round so fast and chattering away. Far too fast for mistress to take my pic.

And we are off. Out of the door. On the early morning cat hunt. I mean walk.


One comment on “Early morning chit-chat

  1. pix & kardz says:

    wow, that was exhausting! can’t believe you were so busy all in one morning.
    and on that note, i will say so long for now! will read more about in the next time.
    hope you have a great week, Pippa!

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