Gates and goats

It’s warming up here.

I am not spending so much time at my gate.

Now with the warm weather I am going in the shade under my outside-table-den,

or sometimes I go back into kitchen and lie under my table in there. That way I can keep an eye on m&m.

Today when I was at the gate I saw them take my friends the goats away. The people behind us are goatherders, and sometimes they rear young goats in their outside space at their house.

I am a pastor, a livestock guardian, so I know that I am responsible for goats and other animals.

But the truck came for them and off they went. Mistress said they were probably going to be killed. Master agreed. So why are dogs like me supposed to look after livestock if someone else then kills them?

No, I can’t smell my friends the goats anywhere. Sad Pippadog.


One comment on “Gates and goats

  1. pix & kardz says:

    reminds me of a sad moment when i was in Northern Ireland one summer. Can’t even say where it was, but i remember it was the same kind of situation involving pigs. had forgotten all about it. Pippa, you bring lots of stories to mind…

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