Tummytag Challenge – total failure……..

Not only am I still in the doghouse – I’ve failed miserably on the Tummytag Challenge.

Here I am on my side. This the nearest I get to it.

One for Lorenza who tagged me first.

And one for Gomer and Opie at Dogs Aye View.

And the last one for my pal Tealeaf at Blogs From The Dogs

Booby Prize for Pippa. As I have failed in such spectacular fashion I can’t really tag anyone else.

Mistress says to let you know she is still only typing with one hand, and has only put this up to stop anyone else tagging us!


One comment on “Tummytag Challenge – total failure……..

  1. pix & kardz says:

    that must be a blogspot tummytagging thing.
    so i won’t tag you.
    but you look very comfy in all these photos. did mistress have to click them with one hand?

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