Yippee!! Master is back.

There are three good reasons for that – in no particular order….

I get twice as much buttered toast (ie half from mistress, half from master = one full ration for me and half each for them).

I get twice as many loves and pats.

Mistress will be distracted and leave silly papers alone and become her usual smiley, happy self.

And – I get to manipulate master much better. Hehe, planning tomorrow’s 5am alarm call and 20 peepee runs between breakfast and lunch.

Anyway, just to show how pleased I am, I have let him put up boring pix that don’t have me in them.

Here is a parade that happened on Saturday.

On Saturday night master was working very hard in the pub until 2am. He was playing pool with some Swedish people. One woman asked him if he was married or gay because he didn’t seem interested in women. (This one has lost me everydog although mistress was ROFLAO).

They asked him to go and look at their tall ship and offered to show him round.

Here is a tall ship – and a tall story….

Mistress told master they wouldn’t turn up to show him round. After 45 minutes waiting down at the port for them, master had to agree. Mistress thought that was funny too. Serve him right for playing pool until 2am or something she said.

And here is the repainted kennelflat – looking a bit better without the orange and blue hey pals? Now when I go in, all nice and wet and dirty, that white paint won’t be white for long will it??

Master has already taken me out for a walk. He tried to tell mistress to take me out again, and she looked at him, rolled those funny green eyes, and totally ignored him. Told me to stop trying it on. Ah well, good times, bad times.


2 comments on “Back

  1. pix & kardz says:

    for what it’s worth, the ship looks great.
    and so does the kennelflat 🙂
    sorry, only time for one little visit today, Pippa. time to call it a day here – hope you have a good Monday!

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