Party weekend?

Hehe I’m in for a good weekend.

Master has gone off to decorate the kennelflat and get rid of the horrible colours, and suffer the fleabites (note to mistress, she must print off the advice on fleabites from Butchy and Snickers mum).

Mistress has started advertising the current furniture on the Internet and was a bit surprised to get a ‘phone call for some chairs an hour or so after she had put the ad up.

Anyway master is dealing with all the hands-on side of that down at the kennelflat, we are the thinking-side back here at HQ.

When mistress first started using Internet thing many dogyearsago it was mainly for research at work, so she is a bit naive on this whole idea of selling stuff and getting money.

Still she can’t be that stupid so she needs to pull her finger out and learn.

So back to the good weekend. I just get to idle around really, manipulate mistress a bit, eat lots of strawberries, try and pull her over on cat hunts, and lie on the sofa.

She says there is some TOPDOG party going on involving cheese – mmmmmm – for me, but I’ve not had any since breakfast time when I ate most of their cheese sandwiches, and the party should involve some wine for her.

I don’t care about wine or beer. According to mistress their labrador used to like sherry, their Xsetter/lab wasn’t interested in anything to drink, and their German Shepherd would have the odd beer – well, he was German – when he was young.

But mistress says alcohol is not good for doggies so best for her to drink my share at this cheese and wine party. Fine by me – so long as I get her share of cheese. Drooool. Big time droooooooool.

And as master isn’t around to distract her this weekend, she can write lots of doggyblog posts for me. Although she has hardly done very well so far. It’s taken until now to write anything. Too busy reading my pals’ blogs. She’s only jealous ‘cos I have lots more Internet pals than she does.

Anyway hope to see some of you at this party if mistress can ever find it. If not it will be cava and cheese here in the house. On the sofa. Ruff. Idle Pipps.

Mistress wants to edit my post. Pooh. And it’s nothing to do with party weekend. It’s a bleat about the woman who was in the flat. Mistress has looked at the photos on my blog and realised the woman nicked off with the taps on the bathroom sink and changed them for bog-standard chrome. And she’s only just noticed? I mean, do I care??

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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