More about the kennelflat

Hello everydog

Well, I’m between two of my favourite dens today – guarding the gate (and looking for the odd strawberry….) and under the kitchen table here in the campohouse as we came back from the kennelflat the other day.

Mistress doesn’t have internet access there so if we’re offline for a few days you’ll know where we are.

The kennelflat is for a mix of things apparently.

First as you all know, it is for me to go and chase different cats. (Thanks for the advice beautiful Bella – I know they are nasty – but I can’t resist chasing them. And although I am very big and look like a furry sleepy thing – I am very fast – and sometimes I catch them!)

Secondly (I would have thought the first reason was good enough) it is for an investment whatever one of those is. I don’t think an investment runs away so I am not interested. Master and mistress certainly hope it doesn’t run away. Asset spreading – perhaps that might be like spreading butter on toast? I like buttered toast. Yum.

Thirdly – it is partly a holiday home. Quiet weekends in the flat ‘cos the city is empty at weekends, and quiet weeks here in the country village. Mmmmmm.

And apparently it is also to give master and mistress something new to focus on. No idea what that means. Mistress has obviously been remembering her office jargon.

Anyway I’ll say a bit more about it. It’s small pokey and scruffy. Having spent a few days there master and mistress discovered the toilet was leaking. In fact it’s leaking that badly they need to use the bucket to flush it, and when mistress lifted up the seat to pour in the water the seat fell off. Master has decided a new toilet is in order. Muy pronto.

It’s painted in grotty colours. Master has already got through ten litres of paint doing the sitting room area. And that was only painted cream or lemon or something.

The kitchen bit is ORANGE, the bedroom and bathroom are SWIMMING POOL BLUE. Mistress says we have to use capitals because these colours are in our face. (They aren’t in mine, I don’t care).

But the block is quiet. It is first floor (mistress doesn’t like heights). You can look up the street and see the Rock of Gibraltar,
or down the street and see a nice old building in the main street (mistress likes history – yawn – she wants to join the history society).

The flat was not expensive. Master and mistress (mainly master) are prepared to make it nice.

And there are cats. Oh, I’ve mentioned that.

2 comments on “More about the kennelflat

  1. pix & kardz says:

    Lots of potential! What a cool place!

    • Pippadogblog says:

      Hah! There is still lots of potential, the only thing that has changed is that the walls are now white. The toilet still hasn’t been replaced 😀 And how odd though, that things have been reversed and we are living here now, and the finca is a holiday place. Hey ho.

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