Food mmmmmm

Here is a mushie omelette to share with all my friends. Actually that isn’t true at all. There wasn’t even enough for three of us. Although mistress did use two large eggs and loads of mushrooms.

Mistress is a fine cook. Yesterday she made pie, but the greedy twosome were in such a hurry to eat it, she never even took a pic. And they ate ALL of it. Not even a little bit for me.

I so love pie too. Nice buttery pastry and lots of yummy vegetables. At least she made extra filling so there was some of that for my breakfast. Or there would have been TROUBLE.

Master can cook too. When they met many years ago in Sydney (Australia – I haven’t been there), he got in from work before mistress and would sometimes cook tea.

One day he bought some steak and put it under the grill ready for when mistress came in. He boiled the potatoes too and some vegetables.

But when he tried to grill the steak it would not cook properly. So he asked mistress what was wrong. She looked at the steak and she looked at master, and she said, “But darling, this isn’t rump steak. What did you buy?”

“I bought er…chuck steak…it was cheap,” he admitted.

(We call it stewing steak in the UK).

So she put it in a pan with some vegetables and a few hours later they had a fine stew. They got married not long after that.

Anyway, here we are walking off the pie (not MY PIE, sulk sulk).

Taking master for his walk.

Master full of pie having a rest.


2 comments on “Food mmmmmm

  1. pix & kardz says:

    no pie for you, Pippa?
    i do say….

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