We had a hard day at the shops yesterday so I had to flop on my terrace afterwards.

First we went to one supermarket for some salad in a bag that mistress can’t get anywhere else.

Then master went to the bottled gas shop, (to get gas for our water heater), but there was no parking.

Mistress said: “Why are you trying to park here, I thought we were going to the petrol station where they sell gas?”

I have to say mistress is often a bit slow off the mark, but I thought this was a very sensible comment. There are not too many dogs or cats in the town centre by the gas shop, so it is not very interesting.

Off we went to the petrol station which master nearly missed. It was only when mistress pointed her finger at it (having checked the road was clear natch) that he pulled over.

I quite like the gas station. The guy who works there thinks I am a lion. Last time master filled up he said I was far too big to be a dog. Heheheh. Master told him how nice I was but he didn’t come to be friends.

Yesterday I jumped into the front seat to smile at him and he smiled back – from about 20 yards away on the other side of the forecourt. He must still think I am a lion.

Then it was off to Eroski. Master went to do the boring old shopping and mistress and I chatted together. I sat in the front again with her. Sometimes she reads a magazine, and sometimes we just sit happily. Or she takes some photos of me in my Land Rover. Mistress does not like shopping, but she likes to sit with me.

Then we drove off to another shop. Well, master did, obviously the rest of us don’t bother with that sort of thing. We are along for the ride.

He always spends a lot of time chatting with the women in the vegetable shops because they think he is quite good-looking. Mistress thinks they need glasses. Anyway it’s good for his Spanish, it’s a bit like mistress watching Spanish soap operas I suppose.

None of it really matters to me. I play at jumping backwards and forwards over the seats when we are parked, and there are so many windows in my Land Rover that I have to keep looking out of all of them, and moving around so I don’t miss any marauders.

So, as you can see, that’s why I needed a bit of a rest on my terrace.

And today, the toerags went down the beach without me. There are often lots of stray dogs around, or people on holiday in caravans, and I don’t like other dogs coming up to harass me. So I had another snooze. They weren’t long and then mistress came back to play on the computer.

She is working out her own web-site, but they can’t decide what to register it as, or even what to call it. How silly. I would call it Pippa, or something with Pippa and dog in the name. I have a blog, why can’t I have a website too? Other dogs have websites. And they are interesting. Like dogblogs. I really think mistress should call it Pippaswebsite.

What do you think everydog? Ruff ruff, from Pipps.


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