Losing my grip

What do you reckon? Another day without a post.

It’s not good enough is it? Mistress started off with the best of intentions and worked hard for the first week, but I expected her to continue like that.

Not just putting a post up when she feels like it. And yesterday she was reading a person’s blog all night. Not even a dog blog.

I want some different photos too. Everydog will think I never get off the sofa.

And while we are on the subject of the sofa, I need to be clear about that too. It is MINE. It might not have been mine before, but now it is.

I don’t know what master is doing getting in my face like that. I would have got off the sofa but I couldn’t be bothered.

Anyway I’ve heard rumours that we might be off driving this morning in my Land Rover. So that will be good.


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