Mistress goes off on her travels…

….And my blog does not get done for days. Pooooh. I am a sad Pippadog.

First she spends days faffing around preparing, then she’s gone.

She’s back now. I didn’t hassle her last night ‘cos she walked in, ate some food and fell into bed.

So I thought I better give her a barking-off this morning. Not much, I am a nice dog. But it’s important we all know who is in charge here. And it is ME.

After all, I have responsibilities. From dog on the streets to dog with a blog. I have nice doggie friends who look at my blog, share my omelettes and leave nice ruff ruff comments.

I do hope that mistress isn’t being naughty and peevish because I am getting more visitors than her and friendly ruff ruffs.

After all, who would be interested in a human blog? Full of boring stuff about what they do, travels, living abroad and tosh like that. Does she write about sleeping, breakfast-time or chasing cats?

Anyway I have pointed out that if she doesn’t have much time to write, she could at least post some cute pictures of me. I always look cute. Even though I am big I am cute. Aren’t I?

Note to self: do not let mistress post boring travel pics on my blog.


4 comments on “Mistress goes off on her travels…

  1. pix & kardz says:

    definitely cute!
    no doubt.
    thank you so much Pippa, for arranging for comments to be made. you are the best!
    you deserve some extra toast for that. πŸ™‚

  2. When I was reorganising yesterday, I clicked on a couple of posts. It’s amazingly easy to totally forget what was written years ago, so I have decided to take some time to read back through as well from the beginning. It will also give me the chance to get rid of that wretched uncategorised tag which I forgot to do for the first 100 or so posts and it really drives me spare!!

  3. pippadogblog says:

    Thank you for visiting p&k and reading through my blog. You picked a most appropriate post to make your comment because as it says up there, I am in charge. So Misery had to do what I told her. I do wish all the other comments from the old blog had come across though – still at least you haven’t had to wade through them all πŸ˜€

    • pix & kardz says:

      reading your posts is fun. Misery has done a great job of keeping everyone duly informed about your stories, and most importantly, about who is in charge.
      wading through other comments can actually be quite enjoyable, too, if they are there. but no worries, i seem to have been making up for the dearth of comments so far πŸ™‚ and i am sure there will be more once people discover what a nice, big dog you are.
      while duotone (the theme p&k uses) only allows for three widgets – which unfortunately precludes the addition of a blogroll – i am thinking about adding another page to include links to favourite blogs – because you would definitely be included. but yikes, that would make 11 pages. what to do?! the title would need to be very short. busy days at the moment, but i will work on it and let you know πŸ™‚
      that’s it for me today. good night Pippa – although in your case it is good morning!

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