Breakfast time is one of my fave times of the day.

When we get back in from our walk, master makes a coffee and sometimes we sit together on my sofa.

Master looks at the internet for a while and I wait patiently. If he takes too long though, I give him a few gentle nudges.

Then we go into the kitchen and master gets my tin and fills it full of biscuits. The most exciting bit comes next when he adds some tasties. Normally mistress always makes sure when she cooks food for them there is something left for me, like lots of peas. Yummy.

This is such a wonderful moment in the day so I jump round the kitchen in circles barking loudly. I think the whole village should know that I am just about to eat my scranny breakfast.

And it doesn’t end there, because when master and mistress have something to eat, I get more. Sometimes they eat breakfast at different times so I get three breakfasts altogther. Bliss.

But today they ate at the same time which is a bit more difficult as I have to sit looking at one beseechingly and then do a quick turn round and roll my big eyes at the other one.

They went out of the way to be difficult today as master took his omelette sandwich onto the terrace while mistress ate her omelette on a plate in the kitchen. I spent more time running between the two of them than eating omelette.

Thank you for any comment. Please check back next time you visit, as I like to reply to all barks, woos, and mews

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